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CX and CSAT Solutions

The customer voice across every channel

Gain real-time visibility and insight into the status of your customer experience, customer satisfaction and NPS. Highlight customer sentiment, customer friction and customer effort score, directly impact your workforce management operations and fix broken processes.

Revolutionise Your Contact Centre Efficiency

C360 SNAP-INS seamlessly integrate with your existing software

Whether you're seeking to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, or extract actionable insights, our innovative solutions are designed to help you achieve your business goals cost-effectively, quickly and easily.

Workforce Optimisation Solutions

WFO - Reimagined

Go beyond the basic workforce management (WFM) and workforce optimisation (WFO) mindset. Explore the power of automated and integrated agent QM, integrated coaching, agent wellbeing and workload reduction software. Expand your talent pool and accelerate agent onboarding.

Compliance and Risk Solutions

100% analysis of every conversation across every channel

Breaching compliance can be costly and damaging to your brand. Mitigating risk is a wise investment for regulatory, brand and process compliance. Contexta360 has powerful capabilities to analyse and learn from historical conversations or detect and steer in real time.

Business Optimisation Solutions

Detect broken process, failure demand, trends and content gaps

Agent and customer analysis is powerful, but processes, communications, systems and content often fuel a disconnect, with some topics and trends hidden. Contexta360 mines big data across all channels to uncover insights.

Agent Assist Solutions

Supporting your staff when it matters

Hiring and onboarding is a major challenge in today’s contact center. Time to productivity, quality, knowledge level and risk mitigation are critical. Deploying suggested next best action, real-time compliance and sales upsell will expand the capacity of your team, accelerate onboarding and improve the employee experience.


Analyse the customer voice across every channel


Workforce Optimisation (WFO) – reimagined

Compliance & Risk

100% analysis of every conversation across every channel

Agent Assist

Give support to your staff when it really matters

Increase C-SAT by 47%

Increase first contact resolution, by reducing time to answer and hold and transfers

Increase Revenue by 40%

Use AI driven and automated metrics that drive your agent performance goals

Reduce Agent Churn by 64%

Improve employee experience with easier onboarding, guidance and support

Speed up Agent Onboarding

Real-time knowledge driven solutions for agent training and guidance in call when it matters

Combine data, unlock opportunities and deliver highly personalised customer journeys

  • Transcribed voice and digital interactions in a structured format for analysis
  • All interaction types; voice, email, chat and messages
  • Actionable analysis and topic spotting
  • Natural language processing technology AI and ML
  • Voice transcriptions for 100% of conversations in 14 supported languages
  • Enhancement of current investments inclusing Genesys, Avaya, Mitel, 8×8, Five9, NEC and AWS-Connect.
"Highly visual, clear and concise reporting has helped us to uncover previously unidentified risks”

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