Delivering call insight

Our AI-driven speech intelligence is designed for organizations seeking to know and serve their customers better.

The role of the contact center and its customer interaction channels has radically changed. Everyday communications are now largely digitized and automated through self-service solutions and Apps. However, calls that matter are still reliant on human agents. The task and the ask of these agents is significant. Contexta360 helps agents and leaders with real-time and post-call solutions that transform service, performance, revenue and CX.

For Sales

Contexta delivers actionable insight for sales leaders. We are able to profile why their top performers constantly over-achieve quota and accelerate deals through the pipeline. With this data, we can show the wider sales team where and how they can improve and learn.

For CX

Contexta is able to detect sentiment within the voice calls as well as from the digital channels such as chat, email or social. This gives a 360-degree view on customer sentiment and can be a KPI for the whole organization or the teams within it.

For Service & Support

Contexta can assist your teams with caller identity, real-time suggestions and the automatic call transcription. You can monitor services’ quality and sentiment and detect unique phrases to relating to your industry. It helps you share top-performing service calls to scale your expertise.

For Public Services

Contexta transforms security applications, automation and citizen services for public service organizations in Government, Forces, Education and Health. We help with high reporting requirements and scarce resources, focusing on delivery instead of administration.

For Call Centers

Contexta provides phenomenal insight for agents and leaders. We ensure customer interactions are digitally captured and analyzed. Our AI delivers the ability to mine thousands of calls for trends. Agents can automate workload and focus on serving the customer.

For Financial Institutions

From retail banking to insurance, from investment banking through to business banking, Contexta provides insight and actionable intelligence and assists large institutions with their CX, C-SAT, cross sell, governance and automation.