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Remain compliant
Manage staff performance
Automate conversation drill-down
Act on strategic data

Know what your customers are saying, how it relates to your transactional data, and how your business is responding

Are you...

  • optimising your business with actionable insights?
  • missing out on the intelligence to close more deals?
  • adhering to brand and regulatory compliance guidelines?
  • delivering the best quality customer experience?
  • able to automate mundane tasks?

Contexta gives you the intelligence to manage customer interactions, improve staff performance, spot opportunities and reduce business costs

C360 is managing millions of conversations across billions of data points

Contexta has experience in the vast and changing communications landscape that enables it to deliver key metric tools for specific business functions. Whether you are looking to improve sales performance, strengthen compliance, monitor interactions or optimise your business…

…C360 has the solution for you:

For Sales

Contexta delivers actionable insight for sales leaders. It can profile why top performers consistently overachieve quota and accelerate deals through the pipeline. With this data, the wider sales team can see where and how they can improve.


For Compliance

Contexta has a proven capability in managing communication compliance for retail banking, insurance, investment banking and the global enterprise. Contexta provides insight and actionable intelligence and assists large institutions with their CX, C-SAT, cross-sell, governance and compliance automation.


For Business Optimisation

Contexta is able to detect sentiment within the voice calls as well as from digital channels such as chat, email or social. This gives a 360-degree view on customer sentiment and can be a KPI for the whole organisation or the teams within it.


For Quality Monitoring

Contexta can assist your teams with caller identity, real-time suggestions and automatic call transcription. You can monitor quality and sentiment and detect unique phrases to relating to your industry. It helps you share top-performing service calls to scale your expertise.