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About Contexta360

Company Overview

Contexta360 was formed from the ground up to solve AI-fuelled speech and text conversational analytics. We help organisations spot revenue opportunities, reduce costs, optimise business processes and ensure compliance.


Our aim is three-fold: 

First, to give the super-large enterprise that has been spending millions on this type of technology for years a cheaper, open, empowered alternative that is built for purpose.

Second, to give mid-market organisations access to conversational AI and speech / chat analytic technologies so that they can compete with the big guys.

Third, in all cases, we want our clients to leverage the investments they have made to date in their communications infrastructure – we are platform agnostic.

We found many of the legacy vendors acquired technologies to complement their core business. Many companies moving to Contexta 360 tell us these vendors were painful, expensive and not designed as AI-conversational analytics companies. Because of this, companies without significant budgets could never invest in this powerful capability…. now they can.

We are experts in digitally capturing and analysing the detail, context, intent, sentiment, topic and full content of millions of conversations that are going on in your environment across all channels, and connect this NEW conversational Big Data with your transactional data.

The insights and business outcomes delivered by our technology are dramatic. Whether you focus is sales and revenue, compliance and process, call centre optimisation and automation, or wider enterprise digitisation initiatives, we have use cases that will transform your service, revenue, CX or cost base.

We optimise the performance of your voice and chat channels, both inside and outside of the formal call centre. We mine business insights and automate processes to reduce staff workload. We control compliance regulations or procedures, such as ensuring your staff mention key phrases, statements or follow specific processes, and we look at your automated communications to ensure you have alignment, as so much customer dissatisfaction happens in the IVR or with a chatbot.

The next frontier is the resurgence of human resources, but AI-augmented so that in situations where the call or chat session really matters, staff have the knowledge, insight or approved next best actions at their fingertips.

Some of the world’s most-advanced banks, telcos, retailers, pension companies and government institutions are turning to Contexta360 for conversational AI.

Andrew White, CEO