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About Contexta360

Company Overview

Contexta360 was formed from the ground up to solve customer interaction challenges in the modern business. We help organisations optimize and secure their customer interactions so they can save significant costs and reduce workload, yet drive better customer services. We do this via our latest-generation AI-fuelled speech analytics, AI automation and biometric voice identity technologies.

Our aim is to radically improve the customer interaction journey for both the customer and the company.

The results are astonishing: better customer services; lower costs; automation that works for both sides of the equation; insights that optimize; and security that protects, yet also reduces friction, for the client.

The customer journey steps are all related and interact. Solving each element independently is not optimal, so we look at this from a 360-degree point of view.

IDENTIFY: Voice Biometrics are set to become ‘the’ model of secure identity worldwide for voice and conversational identity.

PRE-HUMAN Self Serve / Automate: We see more and more self service and automation platforms in our day-to-day lives, but many are frustrating as they are not connected to any form of understanding. They are static and rigid and, in many cases, do not link identity to relationship, recent request, actions or transactions. A very high percentage of IVR, chatbot and FAQ processes fail due to this, leading to either high-cost human interaction or worse, disenfranchised customers or loss. We use our ‘intelligence’ to improve the systems you have already invested in, whether IVR, IVA, chatbot or self-service portals.

LIVE Interaction: This is expensive, but in many cases highly relevant. So we optimize this part of the journey, ensuring optimal process, knowledge, real-time compliance or next best action and support.

POST–HUMAN Automation:  Many of our customers have significant workloads after the call, perhaps up to ten minutes of write-up, documentation, surveys, sales reports and so on. Our technology summarises, identifies actions, questions, with Auto-Summarize, Auto-C-SAT, Auto-Qualify and Auto-Spot.

INJECT and ACTION: Call summary, topics, intent and actions can be injected into your systems of record. You can check deltas between what was said versus what was entered, and trigger and automate workflows to speed up actions, alerts and response.

Andrew White, CEO