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Analyse, Assist & Automate your customer interactions

Contexta360 – The Complete Conversational Intelligence Solution


Speech and text analytics

  • Automate Agent QM
  • Capture unstructured conversations
  • Uncover hidden insights
  • Identify broken processes
  • Know why your customer is calling you
  • See known and unknown topics


Realtime agent support

  • Next best action
  • Boost agent skills 
  • Ensure first time call resolution
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce hold times and transfers
  • Reduce agent churn


Conversational Bot

  • Fully automated assistant
  • Latest AI, NLU and NLG
  • Deep knowledge and insight
  • Reduce agent numbers
  • Full transaction handling with context switching
  • Self-learning and always current

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Combine data, unlock opportunities and deliver highly personalised customer journeys

  • Transcribed voice and digital interactions in a structured format for analysis
  • All interaciton types; voice, email, chat and messages
  • Actionable analysis and topic spotting
  • Natural language processing technology AI and ML
  • Voice transcriptions for 100% of conversations in 14 supported languages
  • Enhancement of current investments inclusing Genesys, Avaya, Mitel, 8×8, Five9, NEC and AWS-Connect.
“Contexta360 has transformed our agent coaching and pinpointed coaching requirements”
Contexta360 Customer
“Root cause analysis is fast and highly accurate and means we can solve issues faster”
Contexta360 Customer
“Sentiment analysis has provided factual insights and behavioural examples which positively impacted our agent’s performance”
Contexta360 Customer
“The clean user interface in Contexta360 makes visualising team performance simple”
Contexta360 Customer
"Highly visual, clear and concise reporting has helped us to uncover previously unidentified risks”
Contexta360 Customer
“Creating use cases and CX themes to measure performance and business risks is easy and effortless in Contexta360”
Contexta360 Customer

Auto Business Analysis

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Business
  • Metrics & KPIs Interaction Routing

Auto Real-Time Agent Assist

  • Coaching
  • Agent Steering
  • Auto Conversation Summary
  • Auto Post-Call Wrap-Up

Auto Analyst Tools

  • APIs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Word Cloud


  • Fully Conversational Assistant

Auto Agent Analysis

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Skills Analysis
  • Training
  • KPIs

Auto CX Analysis

  • C-SAT, NPS
  • Customer Journey
  • Broken Process
  • Trends
  • Topics

Auto Sales & Marketing Analysis

  • Cross-sell / Upsell
  • Follow-up Opportunities
  • Price and Discount
  • Revenue Spotting

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