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C360 - MS Teams Integration


Now you can have the power of Contexta360 helping your teams to manage staff and customer interactions via Microsoft Teams

Learn. Automate. Improve.

C360 provides powerful insight and removes a significant compliance headache for organisations adapting to the use of Microsoft Teams.

Available as an AZURE cloud service, Contexta360 is able to:

  • Record your Microsoft Teams interactions with your customers.
  • Automatically Transcribe the conversations
  • Index the conversation for advance search
  • Mine the conversations for topics, intent, questions, sentiment, silence etc using Ai and NLP
  • Report on thresholds of process and compliance metrics
  • Summarise the conversations using AI and NLG
  • Inject the summary, topics and actions into MS Dynamics
C360 MS Teams

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    “Contexta has made it 10x easier to extract insights from our data than what we were using before! Measurement is automated, meaning we can be confident that interactions are compliant and staff can continually learn and develop.”