Contexta360 ANALYZER

Analyze your calls

See exactly what is being said, not said and how it is said. Spot topics, questions and key words.​

The most transformational Sales, Service CX application you can imagine

Ideal for team leaders in Sales, Service or Support functions, Contexta360 Analyzer is a powerful application that processes your conversations to deliver:

  • The conversation transcribed with speaker separation
  • In language
  • With industry-specific terms unique to you
  • Score call sentiment
  • Track key +ve words and –ve words
  • Track talk time / rates
  • Track word counts
  • Question detection
  • Objection detection

Sales and Service leaders can transform their team's effectiveness – analyze who is doing what well and scale this expertise

Add greater capabilities by turning on Contexta360 Assist, Contexta360 Connect or Contexta360 Omnichannel to give your staff every edge you can by bringing in critical customer conversations and context from other channels or connect CRM or transactional data for a 360-degree view of your customer or prospect status.

Contexta360 Assist
– Live suggestions
– Knowledge-base integration

Contexta360 Connect
– Integrate CRM or transactional data

Contexta360 Omnichannel
– Integrate other communication channels for full context