Contexta 360 ASSIST

Real-Time advice

Prompt upsell / cross-sell opportunities and answers to difficult questions

’Give your teams additional ‘Brain-Power’ – Managing all the data of a customer new needs, historical transactions and queries as well as blending live market information is next to impossible in todays BIG DATA world’

In partnership with our Knowledge Management partner or external ‘real-time’ data feeds, our technology and give your staff the edge, spotting key questions and pulling suggested answers, actions or helping them deal with sales or service objections in real time to the advisors screen.

Additionally, Contexta can add two very powerful capabilities in conjunction with Contexta 360 that can give you the edge;

The solution to complex questions

First, the platform can evaluate other channels of customer communication such as chat, SMS, social media and email or historical CRM data to look at historical combinations or trends to suggest answers, proposals (up-sell / cross-sell opportunities or solutions to complex questions.

Second, our platform can bring in live data from markets or news channels. An example would be a financial services customer ringing for advice on an investment. The call may be going in the direction of an equity recommendation, however there may be news or a market move that the agent is not aware of in the FX markets that has some relationship and therefore may be relevant. This gives the agent significant additional ‘brain power’ as the system can be monitoring 1000’s of content streams, but also historical inquiries or transactions.