Contexta360 CONNECT

Mind the gap!

If the customer is on the phone to you, it probably matters.

Ensuring your business's most-critical channel is digitalized and the content discussed is recorded in the system of record as intended

In reality, most contact center or support / service center systems are highly geared around call routing, skills allocation, resource scheduling, and managing operational metrics. They may record the call, but this is primarily for compliance and training reasons and is not indexed, searchable, or advisory. In short, they manage and track the journey of multiple channels but not all the content.

Transform your CRM

The system of record, ie your CRM, ERP, OSS platform, you use to capture and store the content of the call detailing the customer situation, whether sales, service or support, has an analogue interface for non IVR voice calls – the human being.

Contexta360 Connect assists to automate, digitize and check that the data inputted into your system of record in a live call was indeed what was said and requested by the client. Why does this matter? Well imagine the 50th call for the same issue in a single day. The agent may not be as diligent in completing the full transcript of the call the 50th time vs the first. We help in two areas, first with CRM-inject™ capability where we can take some of the legwork out of the journey, and second with CRM-Delta™ giving a management dashboard showing transactions where there is a perceived difference between what was said on the call and what was recorded in the system of record.