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Contexta360 PLATFORM

An open platform

When the moment matters, more than 80 per cent of interactions move to voice channels. Leveraging your communication investments has never been more important.

Contexta360 offers probably the most powerful, pragmatic and flexible speech analytics and conversational computing platform available today. We are experts in our field, employing some of the world’s best NLP, AI and machine-learning scientists and software coders.

At its core, Contexta offers a platform that delivers the raw speech engine along with the necessary administration elements, security, UI and reporting. It also offers, critically, the enrichment engines and indexation engines that our AI technology can leverage.

Powerful AI

Advanced speech-recognition, machine-learning and text-mining tools, enable you to get direct and actionable insights into why a customer is contacting you.

More than 50 per cent of customer interactions happen via phone, web, mobile apps and internal business systems. Organisations may record these conversations, but often have zero visibility into the content discussed, the sentiment or the context.

Our highly accurate speech engines help large enterprises to capture voice and video conversations, transcribe them across multiple languages and analyse them for biometrics, compliance, sentiment, topic, context, effectiveness and CX. These speech engines come with language detection and can be customised to match your industry terms and phrases.

Enhancing customer experience

Extracting insight from your customer conversations gives you competitive advantage and improves customer experience.

Contexta provides a 360-degree view of customer interaction by analysing conversations or transactional history from chat, email, social and CRM / ERP data files via our AI engine.

This full picture, provided quickly and with context, is critical to being competitive and offering an excellent customer experience.

Our software runs as a Cloud SaaS solution and is also available as an on-premises solution.