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Driving quality through insight

Dashboard insight into the context, CX, compliance and sales and service effectiveness

Who talks too much?

As Contexta digitises all the voice calls, adds enrichment data such as sentiment, timing and masses of meta-data, and then indexes all of this, we subsequently have a data cube that we can query and mine for intelligence, trends, volumes and KPIs. We can then use this to change, improve, scale and train.

Contexta360 Quality Monitor gives sales, service and support leaders insight into the historically invisible world of your staff’s customer conversations. Extract and mine for the top performers by CX, revenue or support resolution. Share, train and scale best practice. Mediate compliance loopholes and deliver real insight to your product marketing teams. For example, you can ask:

  • What is a good call? – how many vs all the bad calls
  • What is the overall sentiment of calls in Q1 vs Q2
  • Show me all non-compliant calls for January 1 thru January 20
  • Give me all calls that said ‘disappointed’
  • Give me calls by sales performance, eg top 20 per cent, mid 60 per cent and bottom 20 per cent