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Contexta360 agent quality & performance management solution

A new approach to agent quality metrics, performance and assistance

Contexta360 provides contact centre leadership with powerful, intuitive tools and dashboards, enabling them to gain real insight and spot performance improvement opportunities.

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Contexta360 delivers next level quality and performance

Agents and leaders face many pressures including demanding workloads, leadership focus on CX, C-SAT, increasing revenue with lower costs, onboarding new hires, rapid policy changes, new product introductions and agent quality metrics and performance.

Contexta360 can reduce the strain by documenting and sharing best practice, having a unified approach to tracking common metrics, collaborating and sharing exceptional execution and highlighting examples of superb customer service. Automated summaries of conversations and automated topic, question and action collection, are other effective time savers for Contexta360 agents and leaders.

Contexta360 helps agents and leaders to:

  • determine potential training issues
  • ensure upselling and cross-selling and sales execution
  • maintain brand and regulatory compliance
  • safeguard customer satisfaction.

Contexta360 will automate by agent, by group or by all groups.  No back-office data science is required as everything is pre-integrated.

Solution benefits

All channels - Voice, chat, human or automated.

Use-case dashboards - see what you need at a glance.

Prebuilt metrics - get ROI in days, not months.

Toggle use cases - act on your conversational intelligence.

Configurable thresholds - alert on key metrics and trends.

Contexta360 - 5 tips for agent qm

5 Tips for Agent Quality Management

How to get started on your journey and achieve rapid results.

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