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Immersive BOT, AI, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) analytics

BOTs and IVA’s may be here to stay, but do you have a true picture of what is being discussed in these automated channels and can you detect the damage they could be causing?

Contexta360 BOT QM and performance management solution

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Contexta360 is the power behind business leadership

Many leaders have never stopped to ask:

  • how many calls the IVR or IVA are routing correctly?
  • how many of the automated chats are actually helping?
  • where is the full analysis of what is being said, what is the call intent, or what are the topics?

It appears that some automation vendors fall short of actively providing such meaningful reporting.

At Contexta360 we take immersive BOT analytics reporting seriously, providing a 360-degree view of your IVR and IVA landscape.

Solution benefits


Start capturing and analysing your conversations before they get to your agents. Contexta360 provides insights and intelligence as soon as your customers touch your business.

Chatbot capture

Whether your agents are human or automated, Contexta360 analyses all your conversations to determine, quality, accuracy and compliance and to help you deliver great customer experience.

Automated channel topic detection

Your business generates a huge amount of conversational data from human and automated channels. Our Advanced Topic Detection shows you defined topics as well as undefined topics of conversation that you didn’t know about, irrespective of human or automated conversations.


Highly configurable thresholds enable you to configure and alert on key metrics, to see trends and to reconfigure based on performance.

Prebuilt metrics out of the box

With rapid time-to-value and quick-start with pre-templated use cases and metrics, you will get ROI in days, not months.