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BOT QM & performance management

Can you see the real message behind your automated chat?

Chatbots and IVAs may be here to stay, but do you have a true picture of what is being discussed in these automated channels and can you detect the damage they could be causing?

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Contexta360 delivers the visibility that will ensure the optimal customer experience, whichever channel is used.

Most organisations now have a digital-first strategy. This may be, for example, to reduce cost, or to improve customer options and experience. Overall, digital-first automation and self-service can work well for defined processes and products, such as getting a credit card statement or ordering a simple product or service.

When it comes to escalations and more complex situations or enquiries, automation can leave a lot to be desired and may seriously damage your customer traction. At some point, we have all ended up saying: “I just want to talk to a human being!”

Getting to the truth is key. Many leaders check the obvious data sources, but these are nearly always transactional metrics. But the truth is hiding behind meta-data, such as how many IVR re-routing sessions there are, how many times chatbot sessions are abandoned, and how many chat-to-voice re-routes take place .

Multi-point analysis

At Contexta360 we take automation analytics reporting seriously, providing a 360-degree view of your chatbot, IVR and IVA landscape. Not only does Contexta360 analyse the chats and interactions as they happen within your automation channels, but it also analyses them when they break out of automation and into a human channel.

So many automation sessions fail and the reason why is not accurately collected in the system of record, so you may not even know that they are failing. Contexta360 extracts this insight from the conversation and highlights customer effort, friction, frustration and, ultimately, identifies broken processes, missing knowledge and broken automation.

We can help you to uncover everything from mis-routing logic, to out-of-date information and from missing topics and mis-diagnosed questions to wrong answers.

Solution benefits

Determine chatbot quality, accuracy and compliance.

Capture and analyse your conversations via IVR & IVA.

Know why your customers call and identify unknown topics.

Automate topic detection via all channels.

Configure thresholds to alert on key metrics.

Be able to independently score: customer effort, friction, experience and First Call Resolution (FCR)

Get prebuilt metrics out of the box.

Use a solution that is agnostic to your chat, IVR and IVA infrastructure.

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