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Measuring customer sentiment unlocks opportunity

Automatically detect and manage customer dissatisfaction

Contexta is able to detect sentiment within the voice calls as well as from digital channels such as chat, email or social. This gives a 360-degree view on customer sentiment and can be a KPI for the whole organisation or the teams within it.

A logical, role-based workflow

The C360 Dashboard is organised by business use case. Each use case has a status monitor page that provides targeted insight to enable you to drill down to the agent group, agent and then the call or chat interaction.

4 example metrics for business optimisation - C360 CORE

Silence detection

Detecting silence is a way of identifying skills gaps or highlighting the need for training that can increase agent productivity.

Customer experience

Customer experience can be greatly enhanced as speech analytics can identify all calls containing “dissatisfaction” language or acoustics, including complaints, raised voices, and agents who talk over customers.

Call reasons

Call reasons brings clearer understanding of why your callers are calling you, by detecting certain words or phrases.

Agent wrap-up

Adjust your agents’ ability to wrap up calls with more useful information or the ability to offer products or services that may be of interest to customers based on the conversation.

Need more customisation?- Try C360 BOOST

C360 gives you business-wide control

Our purchase options are designed to scale according to your needs. Whether you need a single use case, a combination of two or more, or a totally bespoke option our CORE and BOOST solutions enable you to configure C360 to meet your requirements. 

You can learn more about our solutions HERE