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Contexta360 for COMPLIANCE

Ensure interactions are captured, analysed and compliant

Actionable insight that helps you adhere to rules and meet metrics

Contexta360 has a proven capability in managing communication compliance for retail banking, insurance, investment banking and the global enterprise. Contexta provides insight and actionable intelligence and assists large institutions with their CX, C-SAT, cross-sell, governance and compliance automation.

A logical, role-based workflow

The C360 Dashboard is organised by business use case. Each use case has a status monitor page that provides targeted insight to enable you to drill down to the agent group, agent and then the call or chat interaction.

4 example metrics for compliance - C360 CORE

Service levels

Service level is an important metric especially when a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or similar metric is in place, or a similar compliance adherence needs to be met.

Script adherence

Agent script adherence is necessary to ensure agents are completing every interaction with your chosen brand and regulatory statements.

Call avoidance

Call avoidance can help understand broken processes, whereby a call should not have got to a live agent, and could have been handled by web or some other kind of self-service.

Call consent

Monitoring call consent is crucial as certain country laws require that at least one party is aware a call is being recorded and consents to it.

Need more customisation?- Try C360 BOOST

C360 gives you business-wide control

Our purchase options are designed to scale according to your needs. Whether you need a single use case, a combination of two or more, or a totally bespoke option our CORE and BOOST solutions enable you to configure C360 to meet your requirements. 

You can learn more about our solutions HERE