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Contexta360 for SALES

Provides actionable insight for sales leaders

Improve team performance and act on opportunities

Contexta delivers actionable insight for sales leaders. It can profile why top performers consistently overachieve quota and accelerate deals through the pipeline. With this data, the wider sales team can see where and how they can improve.

A logical, role-based workflow

The C360 Dashboard is organised by business use case. Each use case has a status monitor page that provides targeted insight to enable you to drill down to the agent group, agent and then the call or chat interaction.

4 example metrics for sales - C360 CORE

Objection handling

Train your sales agents with best practice by tracking words or phrases that have or have not been used in their conversations.  

Conversion rate

Track and measure calls against sales targets and gain more insight into conversion rates from the department.

Mention discounts

Understand whether a sales agent is pushing discounts to close a deal or whether a customer is asking for discount.

Mention competitor

Understand when your customers are looking to churn or informing your business when it is no longer competitive.

Need more customisation?- Try C360 BOOST

C360 gives you business-wide control

Our purchase options are designed to scale according to your needs. Whether you need a single use case, a combination of two or more, or a totally bespoke option our CORE and BOOST solutions enable you to configure C360 to meet your requirements. 

You can learn more about our solutions HERE