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Contexta360 CORE interaction analytics platform leverages your existing contact centre technology to provide an advanced omni-channel analytics tool that automatically delivers actionable insight and intelligence about your conversations.

The C360 Platform offers a unique, codeless and rapid approach to developing advanced queries that automates quality management, compliance and coaching, customer experience, NPS, and broken process detection, delivering advanced intelligence, indexing, and big data analysis, together with hyper-accurate speech-to-text transcriptions and custom language models that transform your workforce optimisation, operational costs, revenue, compliance, service and customer journey capabilities.

Contexta360: CORE provides a truly open data structure that leverages millions of conversations in any channel, at any level, allowing data teams to merge and blend conversational intelligence with existing transactional intelligence and share it via powerful APIs and with other systems of record or external data.

Powerful, intuitive and democratised data access enables team leads to get the information they need, with speed and ease. Operational teams are empowered to build and review the insights they need without the need to rely upon back-office analytics teams. From CX and NPS to broken process detection to compliance and automated QM and coaching, Contexta360 makes complexity simple.

For a greater insight into C360: CORE, read our Overview document or watch the video.


Today’s world is ‘data driven’ and full of complex and entwined processes. Joining these processes up and capturing digital fingerprints throughout the customer or supplier journey is key to delivering value, competitive advantage and an exceptional customer experience.

Our intuitive analytics tools, enable data scientists and analysts to gather and extract conversational insights.  Using the latest NLP and NLU, users can find relationships between spoken words and phrases, in an entire dataset, or drill down into the granularity of a single interaction.

Users can perform complex analysis on every element of their conversational data and can then combine that with other transactional data from third-party business intelligence tools.


By augmenting human agents in real-time, Contexta360 transforms your conversational interactions and delivers real and actionable intelligence to your business. Real-time compliance and sales spotting, automatic, automated call summary and post-call wrap-up, intelligent agent steering and next-best-actions, are just some of the powerful tools to enable you to optimise your business and transform the efficiencies of your human agents.

By utilising the latest in AI and machine learning, your agents can make decisions in real-time, when it matters.


Harness the power of Contexta360’s advanced analytics and data modelling and deliver it to a third-party system of record.  With advanced filtering options, C360: LINK enables you to select your data, including topics, sentiment, questions, actions metadata and transcripts.  By utilising our custom API, you can simply integrate C360 data into your own business intelligence tools.


CONNIE takes chatbots to the next level, by adding neural networks, cognitive thinking, deep learning, and unsupervised topics making it more like a human, but a human that never sleeps. When you interact with CONNIE, you can speak naturally as you would with a human agent.

CONNIE, let’s you switch topics mid conversation and by using her deep contextual understanding, CONNIE can respond accordingly. This is achieved by looking at and understanding all the words and sentences that are being spoken, and analysing them, whatever context they are received in. This enables CONNIE to be super flexible in dealing with multiple topics in the same conversation, whilst being able to switch context, as if you were talking to a human. This is something that traditional chatbots, simply cannot do.