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This is our conversational analytics platform and is the foundation that handles interaction capture across all channels, reporting, user management, workflow management, advanced known and unknown topic detection and conversational summarisation, powerful analyst tools and a user dashboard.

CORE also gives users a ‘quick start’ capability with pre-templated use cases and metrics to deliver immediate ROI. With a powerful advanced query tool, it enables users to quickly and easily design specific use cases and metrics aligned to their business.

Whether your business is focused on sales, compliance, agent quality, business transformation, or data analysis, CORE has a no-code approach to delivering your metrics and KPIs quickly and easily.

Contexta360 dashboard


By augmenting human agents in real-time, Contexta360 transforms your conversational interactions and delivers real and actionable intelligence to your business. Real-time compliance and sales spotting, automatic, automated call summary and post-call wrap-up, intelligent agent steering and next-best-actions, are just some of the powerful tools to enable you to optimise your business and transform the efficiencies of your human agents.

By utilising the latest in AI and machine learning, your agents can make decisions in real-time, when it matters.


CONNIE takes chatbots to the next level, by adding neural networks, cognitive thinking, deep learning, and unsupervised topics making it more like a human, but a human that never sleeps. When you interact with CONNIE, you can speak naturally as you would with a human agent.

CONNIE, let’s you switch topics mid conversation and by using her deep contextual understanding, CONNIE can respond accordingly. This is achieved by looking at and understanding all the words and sentences that are being spoken, and analysing them, whatever context they are received in. This enables CONNIE to be super flexible in dealing with multiple topics in the same conversation, whilst being able to switch context, as if you were talking to a human. This is something that traditional chatbots, simply cannot do.