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Packed with preloaded value

Straight out of the box you will get agent quality management and speech and text analytics for human and automated channels, plus a whole lot more.

C360 CORE platform

C360 CORE gives you:

  • one direct agent coaching use case
  • four business use cases
  • 16 KPI-based metrics
  • intuitive dashboards for immediate insight.

C360 CORE requires zero consulting or complex integrations and you can get up and running in days not months.


C360 dashboards are role-based and highly configurable, enabling users to see and act on the relevant information. Dashboard views can be tailored to your needs, whether this is specific business areas, teams, or agents (human or machine).

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A system that will grow with your needs

Add additional snap-in power and capabilities from our suite of additional modules:



C360 Boost gives you the ability to build a dashboard and report from millions of datapoints, with calls, chats etc / by time / topic / agent / channel / sentiment / product / brand / external metadata, in seconds. Set thresholds to monitor new metrics, so you are kept informed rather than having to monitor hourly, daily or weekly.

  • Create your own use cases, metrics or KPIs to focus in on specific areas of interest, including marketing campaigns, sales performance or training improvement.
  • Create complex queries based on specific words or phrases to create laser sharp insights.
C360 Boost screenshot



LINK will connect CORE and BOOST to third-party systems of record, such as Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Oracle, ZenDesk, SugarCRM and so on, so you can export Contexta360 data and insights into your own analytics tools.

  • Use our auto summary to create post-call wrap-up notes and then use LINK to automatically inject them into CRM.
  • This solution is designed to be used by any size of customer.
C360 Link image



Use AI and NLP to automate labour-intensive human tasks.

  • C360 BRAIN will automatically summarise spoken words, phrases and complete sentences into short text summaries. You can reduce workload by automating manual tasks, saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Millions of conversational interactions can be analysed and organised into clusters of intelligence, enabling users to analyse, learn and take action.
C360 Brain screenshot



C360 MATRIX gives you extreme conversational analytics tools for analysts and data scientists. Harness the ability to slice, dice and see your data just the way you want to, with deep-dive query and metadata capabilities, as well as automatic word cloud generation of spoken words, text and relational information, and frequency of occurrence.

  • Create and manage statistical trends about how specific agents or automated channels are performing.
  • Gather intelligence on known and unknown conversations, create data models to compare with other data sources. Create specific queries to automate the process.
C360 Matrix screenshot



C360 Logic will give you interesting insights and next-best-actions.

Use push services to deliver meaningful information on any metrics or KPIs direct to your mobile device.

  • Act on business-critical compliance failures.
  • Automatically push notifications of insights, meaningful information, compliance failings and next-best-actions to management.
  • Configure the content that you are most interested in.
  • Use queries to create triggers for areas of interest, or key phrases or non-compliance issues.
  • Alert management to take action on time or process sensitive issues.
C360 Logic screenshot



C360 HELLO will identify callers and validate them. Are they who they claim to be and are they an existing customer?

  • It will continuously monitor your callers and maintain their correct identity ensuring their integrity and mitigating call takeover by a fraudulent party.
  • You can identify the caller and the call history. Have they called recently? Is there an ongoing issue, and Is there a Call Summary from a previous conversation?
C360 Hello screenshot