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Our solutions are all based upon a common platform called Contexta360:CORE

From this platform, you can add our ‘snap-in’ applications to deliver more advanced capabilities in the areas of; Auto Summary, Integration to CRM or ERP, data science queries, topic detection, voice biometric identity or work-flow triggers.


CORE delivers omnichannel conversational intelligence, with four use cases out of the box

C360:CORE has been designed from the ground up to be fast to deploy and to realise value. We have pre-built 360:CORE for use cases in sales, compliance, quality monitoring, and business insights. Each of these use cases has a range of metrics and dashboards that will deliver immediate value and insight. C360:CORE simply connects to your existing communication investments (Recording, Call Centre, Chat and CRM, where necessary) and analyses each individual interaction, extracting all the data, from basic transcription, to topics, questions, silence and actions.


SPARC is the kernel of our speech-to-text capability…but one that is quite different from the competition

C360:SPARC this is our speech to text intellectual property and it has been specifically optimized for two-party conversations. We extend this capability by optimizing for telecom/video codecs, compression algorithms and anomalies – all tuned to your specific lexicons and terms. Therefore, it is accurate and delivers the very best platform to enable our NLP and AI techniques to extract insights and understanding. Building a house on good foundations is key to our success.

On top of this, we add a wealth of metadata and advanced indexing, so each transcript delivers stereo or mono-channel speaker separation, topics, question detection, sentiment, word counts, word speed, speaker ratios and so on.


CORE gets you started, but BOOST gives you the keys to advanced custom queries and insights

Extending power, empowerment and agility to your team leaders is refreshing. You can build super-advanced queries that can analyse millions of calls or chat sessions to find amazing insights, with ease.  Queries can be built using a range of metadata filters such as key words, topics, dates and time, silence, sentiment, agent group, speaker separation, part of call, question, and so on. The main value is simplicity, speed and extending data-scientist-exclusive capabilities to the masses. Our customers love BOOST. They are amazed by the power and flexibility that turns call centre team leaders into business heroes.


Your systems of interaction and systems of record are not changing. We pass information via open APIs

Select the conversational intelligence data you want to pass to your system of interaction or record – from basic topic and questions, to advanced actions or call summary or, indeed, the entire transcription. Typically, this extracts and passes data from an individual call into a system of record such as Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Oracle, ZenDesk,or SugarCRM.


Get alerts and actions from Conversational Big Data triggers

Whether the conversation is with an agent or an automated system, set triggers that can alert you to issues, opportunity or automation tasks immediately.

C360:LOGIC works like an IF-AND-THEN logic gate. IF you detect this conversational trend, trait, topic, AND with these other parameters (sentiment, nervousness, silence, time, etc) THEN trigger this workflow.

You can build easy rules through the LOGIC application and integrate the triggers into your chosen workflow engine.


Understanding is key to service and automation

Contexta employs some of the brightest speech scientists in the world but getting a super-high-quality transcription is just a transcription. C360:BRAIN processes the conversations for understanding and can do amazing things such as Auto-Summarize, Auto-Survey, Auto-Qualify, Auto-Spot and much more.

C360:BRAIN works well with LINK and LOGIC.

LINK a call summary to your CRM record.

LOGIC can trigger workflow based on detecting criteria set by you.

C360:BRAIN leverages class-leading NLP, NLU extractive and abstractive summary science and topic detection.


Identifying your customer accurately and easily reduces cost, improves security and improves CX

We have all been there: “please can I have your name, address, DOB, inside leg measurement” and so on. This is time-consuming, riddled with security issues and painful for your client. The new format of identity is low friction, high security bio identity via voice ID.


Many of our clients require more granularity of data, with additional ‘pivots’ or ways of looking at the data

These clients are typically data scientists or analysts that are looking for exacting standards. Rather than add complexity to the CORE solution, we decided that this community needed applications and capabilities that our mainstream clients do not. So, rather than complicate things for them, we developed MATRIX. This delivers Big Data manipulation capabilities, including the ability to compare advanced datasets, across time, group, and literally all metadata permutations. 


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    “Contexta has made it 10x easier to extract insights from our data than what we were using before! Measurement is automated, meaning we can be confident that interactions are compliant and staff can continually learn and develop.”