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Contexta360 Real-time business insights solution

It is critical to understand why your customer is contacting you and how best to respond

Your world is complex. Keeping pace and in sync with internal product, process, pricing and policy changes is nearly impossible. External competitive pressure, dynamics and compliancy changes all the time. This is compounded by a service delivered through multiple channels to your customer and prospects – some automated, some self-service and some human.

The margin for error is extremely high

Contexta360 is agnostic to your communications platforms. We capture your calls, video and chat, and analyse customer conversations and journeys to detect and predict issues and opportunities.

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The challenges you may be facing

  • Discovering knowledge gaps.
  • Interpreting and understanding your channels. Your website says X, your chatbot says Y and your staff say Z.
  • Presenting products and services. Are your teams discussing the latest product/ service offerings?
  • Attrition, churn detection.
  • Competitive insights that are not entered into your system of record.
  • Capturing relevant and sensitive information. Is your customer concerned about phishing or security matters that are not captured in the system of record?
  • Automation and agent conversation disparity. The gap between call drop-down fields classification versus what was said.
  • Compliance. Are you compliant?
  • Discovering hidden, broken or inefficient business processes.

The opportunities you may be missing

  • Upsell opportunities.
  • Cross-sell opportunities.
  • New product introduction opportunities.

The challenges faced when C-level reporting doesn’t give the full picture

  • Automated and standardised C-SAT Score based on conversation, not agent view.
  • Automated and standardised Customer Effort Score (CES) based on conversation, not agent view.
  • Automated and standardised First Contact Resolution (FCR) Score based on conversation, not agent view.
  • Automated and standardised Sentiment Score based on conversation, not agent view.

Solution benefits

Discover hidden, broken or inefficient business processes

Monitor, manage and analyse 100% of conversations for process failure

Rapidly build real-time process dashboards and metrics

Reduce time to insight

Action business process insights and data-driven decisions

Deliver a superior customer experience.

Contexta360 - Speech Analytics Maturity Guide

Speech Analytics & Conversational Intelligence Maturity

Where are you now, where do you want to be and what do you plan for?

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