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Greater understanding from every customer conversation – whether human or automated

Uncover deeper business insights and identify failure demand across your communications channels with Contexta360. We understand that mining unstructured data can be challenging and time-consuming, that is why we have made it easy.

Contexta360 speech and text analytics solution

C360 word cloud plus detail

With Contexta360, better engagment with customers is just the start

Contexta360 transforms how you manage your CX, C-SAT, sales performance, profitability and risk management, helping you to:

  • blend external transactional and unstructured data and visualise business insights, trends and broken processes
  • build and analyse the content and context of millions of conversations across all channels, in a visual, logical flow, through easy-to-build queries
  • mine your data in seconds, not weeks.

Contexta360’s converged Conversational Intelligence platform interacts logically with every aspect of your customer’s engagement, giving you a clearer understanding of why your customer is really calling.

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Solution benefits

All channels

Whether your customer conversations, are spoken, written or via social channels, Contexta360 captures and analyses those conversations, to deliver actionable insights, metrics and KPIs.

Word clouds

Significant words in conversations and their relationship with other words can be highlighted automatically.

Known and unknown topics

Know why your customers are calling. Define topics you are interested in and let our AI and NLP show you topics of conversation that you didn’t know about.

Advanced filters

See the information you want to see. Drill down from actionable insights to root cause. Be in control of your information and the way you want to see it.

Switch and interactive voice assistant metadata

Combine conversational analytics with the intelligence of call control and organisational data to ensure that your human and automated channels are performing optimally.

Hyper tuned

Our speech engines are tuned for your geographical business language and jargon. This makes them super accurate, allowing our AI and NLU engines to deliver true context, meaning and intelligence to your business conversations.

Speech Intelligence Guide

What to look for in your evaluation of speech analytics and conversational computing

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